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Shakeapaw Dog Grooming                         07592688999/01942 200284

Dog grooming since 1996

Grooming Information

 All dogs are welcome at shakeapaw, young or old, dogs in ill health can be groomed by us as long as we are told of their condition at the time of grooming, this could range from arthritis to diabetes.

Puppy's can be groomed after all their inoculations are complete and your vet is happy for your puppy to go out, early grooming of a puppy is essential, especially in long coated breeds.

Our shampoo and conditioners are from the "GROOMERS" range, we also offer flea shampooing and treatments.

A full groom includes

1. Pre talk with you to make sure the grooming required can be carried out and your dog seems to be in general good health.

2. Pre clipping , brush through to loosen all hair, removing any knots or mats, nails clipped and ears checked and cleaned.

3. Shampoo and conditioning with the correct products from our extensive "Groomers" range, veterinary prescribed shampoo can also be brought in by you, for us to use. A thorough bath is essential to a full groom, to remove grease and dirt, all dogs receive at least two shampoos then a full conditioning treatment.

4. Towel dry or excess water and loose hair blasted out and then hand held hair drying, brushing and combing to remove all tangles and knots.

5. Scissor styling then re-clip and finishing.

6. To Finish a conditioning perfume spray is used.

Short haired dogs can also come in for shampooing, conditioning, drying and loose hair groomed /blown out, feet and feathering trimmed plus nails clipped, and ears cleaned then a conditioning perfume spray applied.

We also do dry cuts which include steps 1,2,5 & 6.

                       Prices: as of 1st April 2020

All prices are for a full groom as described above please telephone for individual prices not listed, examples are listed below

Yorkie   from  £30

Westie   from  £30

Shih tzu  from  £30

Cocker spaniel  from  £30

Springer spaniel  from £30

Nails from £5

Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all dogs to Shakeapaw Dog Grooming 01942 200284